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Who we are

An animal nutrition and health research organization

Our company, Lab To Field, was created in 2012 by an academic research team specializing in animal digestion and digestive microbiota. Our goal is to provide access to key skills in animal nutrition and health, and to rapidly share international scientific advances with animal nutrition professionals.

With internationally renowned expertise in equine digestive physiology, our team initially conducted research on the links between diet, gastrointestinal microbiota, digestion, performance, and health in the horse.

With the addition to our company of small animal and livestock nutritionists and digestive physiologists, we now research these links in livestock species and pets, as well as horses. We are passionate about understanding the physiology of these animals so that we can optimize their health and welfare.

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Our areas of expertise

Animal physiology

Lab To Field has the skills to design, manage and strengthen research and development programs to address the scientific or regulatory needs of our clients.

Our extensive expertise in animal digestive physiology allows us to study, in a holistic and comprehensive manner, the relationships between diet, digestion, health, behavior, and performance.

“A thorough understanding of physiology is crucial to optimizing animal health, welfare, and performance.”

The horse, a major focus for Lab To Field

Research in Dijon on equine nutrition and digestion dates back to the 1960s in public institutions. Research in these areas continues to be a major focus, now specifically in Lab To Field’s research center.

Over the past twenty years, a dozen doctoral students have been supervised by these academic teams and by Lab To Field, greatly advancing knowledge on the relationships between diet, health, and performance in horses. Innovation in these fields makes Dijon an internationally-recognized leader in equine nutrition research.

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Our clients’ specialties

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Lab To Field meets the needs of many business sectors

Our services

We offer a wide range of services to support our clients at all stages of their development:


A full range of R&D services


Expert and independent support


Solutions to get your expertise “from lab to field”

Our values


To maintain complete neutrality in the services we offer, we do not promote specific products


We tailor our work to our clients and act quickly in response to our clients’ changing needs


We work for the improvement of animal health and well-being with scientific integrity


We are committed to working to the best of our abilities and using best practices to maximize project success

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