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Exercise physiology

Knowledge transfer in exercise physiology

Since the 2000s, the research team from Dijon innovates to study energy expenditure of the athletic horse.

From these skills and in partnership with researchers in human exercise physiology and high-level physical trainers, Lab To Field offers in Dijon a formation on training methods and evaluation of equine performance.

Tailored courses

Topics covered during trainings are selected according to the interests of the trainees: exercise physiology, measurement of performance indicators, training of the human versus equine athlete, etc. Depending on the desired level of detail, training duration varies from half-day to a week.

Various teaching methods

One same topic can be addressed through theoretical course, sharing of experience, practical case study at the stable, etc. When trainings take place on Lab To Field facilities, some practices can be conducted with experimental materials.

Easy setting up

Trainers and lecturers from Lab To Field travel worldwide to offer trainings or conferences.

As far as possible, trainings are conducted in the local language: French, English, Portuguese, etc.

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