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EquiLigne® software utilization

Web tool for equine rationing

Diet adaptation requires ration calculation on a regular basis. This step is often considered as long and laborious. However, it represents the key point of nutrition management.

EquiLigne® software has been developed to facilitate equine ration analysis from two perspectives: the coverage of requirements and the respect of the digestive physiology. The indicators contained within the software should be seen according to the state of the art on the relations between nutrition – health, nutrition – welfare, nutrition – performance, etc. To make the most effective use of EquiLigne®, specific trainings on utilization and results interpretation are offered.

Tailored courses

Topics covered during EquiLigne® software trainings are selected according to the main interests of the trainees: health indicators, rationing methodology, customer service in a specific sector, etc. Depending on the desired level of detail, training duration varies from half-day to a couple of days.

Various teaching methods

Equine rationing can be addressed through theoretical, sharing of experience, practical case study at the stable, etc. To practice on EquiLigne® in “real” conditions, some exercises are organized and interpreted under the advice of an expert trainer.

Easy setting up

Trainers and lecturers from Lab To Field travel worldwide to offer trainings or conferences.

As far as possible, trainings are conducted in the local language: French, English, Portuguese, etc.

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