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Lab To Field partner of EWEN 2016

The 8th European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (EWEN) held from June 16-18 in Dijon, France.

Every two years since 2002, EWEN gathers in Europe scientists and equine nutrition experts to expose the most recent advances in research and to organize debates.

The 2016 edition took place in France, in Agrosup Dijon facilites. Lab To Field was involved both as partner for the event organization and speaker for research work presentations.

The following results were orally presented by Lab To Field:

  • Effect of dehydrated alfalfa on equine gastric and faecal ecosystems. A. Martin, V. Julliand, and S. Julliand.
  • Effect of live yeast supplementation on gastric ecosystem in horses fed a high-starch diet. S. Julliand, V. Julliand and A. Martin.
  • Effect of energy and protein intake on cardiorespiratory parameters in eventing horses. M.T. Ramos, S. Julliand, A. Martin, C.A.A. Oliveira, F.Q. Almeida and V. Julliand.
  • Could mane hair mineral composition reflect horse mineral nutritional status? S. Julliand, E. Delattre, C. Duval, A.L. Lagel, J. Martin and P. Grimm.

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