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Research resources

Experimental facilities

To run R&D projects, Lab To Field uses a recent stable specifically built and dedicated to research in nutrition, health and behavior of horses. These facilities enable to work under controlled conditions.

The stable has a capacity for up to 24 horses. It is equipped with a microbiology laboratory and the required material to conduct research trials: video endoscope, digestibility harnesses, electronic scales, boxes with video surveillance, etc.

Animal care staff is highly qualified for manipulation of horses between and during trials.

Microbiology laboratory

Thanks to the partnership with AgroSup Dijon, Lab To Field uses a laboratory specialized on the study of equine gastro-intestinal microbiota. It is organized around three areas of expertise:

  • Measurement of feed, feces and digestive content biochemical composition;
  • Quantification of end-products from digestive fermentation;
  • Study of bacterial populations from digestive or fecal content.

Several technical methods have been developed by the microbiologists from this laboratory, as for instance bacterial culture under anaerobic condition which adds considerable value in the study of digestive microflora functions.

Field network

When it is required to run field studies, Lab To Field relies on a large network of French and foreign professionals:

  • International research teams
  • Equine veterinary clinics
  • Sport or racing trainers
  • Breeders

This network of partners facilitates the conduct of clinical trials under field conditions. It also offers the possibility to work with a wide range of populations (aging horses, obese horses, high performance horses in many disciplines, etc.).

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