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Products development

Scientific and strategic approach

Thanks to its involvement in equine basic and applied research, Lab To Field identifies key science-based ideas of product development for various business lines. Ideas are discussed and offered as part of service or collaborative projects.

From a strategic perspective, the strong experience of equine industry and of the market expectations is valuable to assist the clients in positioning their products on this specific market.


Literature review

Reviews based on scientific literature are undertaken to present the state of the art on specific topics. In general, these studies are done before or in support of a product development. Literature reviews on equine nutrition, digestive physiology, exercise physiology, ethology, health, etc. are based on peered-review publications.


For manufacturers, a support in feed or feed additives formulation is offered based on equine requirements and digestive physiology. The estimation of nutritional requirements relies on an international bibliography. Recommendations combine both nutritional approach and global “healthcare value” of the diet.

Advices on dosage form, favorite aroma, relevant technologic process, etc. are based on feeding behavior and equine digestive physiology works.

Advice for use

For products (feeds, supplement, etc.) that are already marketed, some advices for use can be adjusted with the manufacturers to define optimal use conditions. These nutritional recommendations can be adapted to all physiological status, discipline or performance level.

Partners network

A privileged relationship has been developed with AgroSup Dijon and the research unit “Food and Microbiological Processes” from which the start-up came up. Furthermore, to access a wide field of expertise an extensive network has been developed with private, academic and institutional partners.

To facilitate the successful outcome of innovative projects, Lab To Field joined the French competitiveness clusters “Equine industry” and “Taste – Nutrition – Health”.

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