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Conduct of trials

Research areas

Research conducted in Dijon led to an important scientific and technical expertise in the measurement of equine health, behavior and performance parameters.

For a long time, these skills have been used to assess nutritional impacts only. Today, Lab To Field makes these competences available also for new industrial sectors:

  • Animal health
  • Agribusiness
  • Chemicals
  • Connected devices
  • Cosmetics

Assistance at all stages of the project

Lab To Field supports each step of research projects that are conducted for its clients, from the definition of coherent objectives to the exploitation of results.

Depending on the needs, trials can be designed in accordance with the guidelines of European or American institutions (EFSA, FDA, EMA, ECHA, etc.). Whenever possible, in agreement with all the parties, Lab To Field can carry out the redaction of scientific publications or the communication of results in congress.

The following tests are conducted by our R&D team:

  • Kinetics / pharmacokinetics
  • Safety / toxicity
  • Palatability / preference
  • Efficacy / dose effect
  • Digestibility


Projects carried out by Lab To Field are eligible for French “tax credit for research”.

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