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Support for practitioners

Training and tools

Courses for veterinarians are delivered in their clinics or in the experimental facilities of Lab To Field. These trainings focus on the relationship between nutrition and digestive health, the use of EquiLigne® software and the nutritional advices for clients.

In EquiLigne®, a module has been specifically developed for practitioners in order to facilitate the diet analysis and highlight the food-associated troubles.

Scientific support

For partner clinics, Lab To Field offers constant scientific and technical advices by phone or email: discussion of clinical cases, support in analysis interpretation, provision of scientific literature, etc.

Lab To Field can also help developing a range of services in equine nutrition for veterinary clinics.

Laboratory analysis

To determine nutritional value of feedstuff, biochemical analyses by conventional methods are run for partner clinics. Results can be directly added in the EquiLigne® account of the clinic.

On request, complementary analysis can be performed: quantification of fermentation by-products, microbiological analysis, pest identification, etc.

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