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EquiLigne® software

EquiLigne®: ration analysis software

EquiLigne® is a software accessible on the web for Lab To Field’s partners that has been developed to simplify equine ration analysis. This tool takes into account on one hand the balance between daily allowance and requirements, and on the other hand the “healthcare value” of the diet based on equine digestive physiology.


1.       Scientifically sound

EquiLigne® has been drawn up by Lab To Field and the French research team on equine nutrition. The software is built on an international review of horses’ requirements, feedstuff nutritional values and current “health indicators”.

This unique quantitative and qualitative approach highlights nutritional imbalance and facilitates advice.


2.       Easy to use

The Internet access to EquiLigne® makes it easy to use from any connected computer or tablet.

Software was designed to offer an easy use and a pedagogic approach. In few minutes, any user can evaluate a diet, adjust it and print a detailed report.


3.       Adaptable and upgradeable

EquiLigne® includes various modules that are adaptable to each user profile: “Health” module for veterinarians, multi-user access for schools, etc.

Thanks to the online hosting, evolutions like scientific updates and new parameters addition are automatic and in real time.



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