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Lab To Field: research for the actors of the equine industry

The studies carried out in Dijon on equine digestion, on the relation between nutrition – health – performance and on exercise physiology of horses are internationally recognized. This is our guarantee of an expert support.

A long history of nutrition research

Since the 1990’s, the equine research team from Dijon (France) works on digestion topics. Studies led by this team focused in particular on the etiology of food-borne illness in order to offer adapted nutritional advice. The final aim is to improve health, welfare and performance of horses thanks to an optimal dietary management.

In these research fields, the expertise of Dijon is internationally recognized. It is supported by an important scientific production:

  • + 50 international scientific publications
  • + 400 communications in scientific congresses
  • 10 PhD’s in equine nutrition
  • 3 European congresses (EWEN) organized in Dijon

The creation of service offer based on research

In 2010, the research team “Nutrition of the Athletic Horse” from AgroSup Dijon noticed that the scientific advances were scarcely accessible for the players of the equine industry. This induced the creation of Lab To Field, the first “start-up” from AgroSup Dijon.

The initial purpose of Lab To Field is to facilitate access to current scientific knowledge to all the professionals in the equine industry through consulting and training. The second objective is to address emerging issues with horses using the long-standing expertise of AgroSup Dijon and to the development of complementary fields of research. This is how a wide range of in vivo tests were developed for companies interested in the nutrition, health, welfare and performance of horses. Thanks to this complete service offer, Lab To Field is positioned as leader in consulting and innovation in the international equine sector.


Lab To Field supports its international clients to:

  • Carry out research and development programs,
  • Simplify access to current scientific knowledge through consulting and training.

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