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Our fields of expertise

Dietary management

Lab To Field has developed special skills in equine dietary management. To carry out nutritional audits, a specific methodology in diet analysis and structures support has been set up.

The advices rely on EquiLigne®, an equine rationing software developed jointly by AgroSup Dijon and Lab To Field. This program is based on an international literature review of requirements and nutritional intakes. The “healthcare value” of the diet has been included to the software based on digestive physiology knowledge and the relations between nutrition – health – welfare. This simplifies diagnosis and advices for the equine practitioners.

Study of digestive microbiota

Works on equine digestive microbiota and its role on nutrition and health is the long-standing expertise of the research team from Dijon. Results led to significant progress on the description and understanding of digestion and on the relation between nutrition, microbiota and diseases. For instance, research carried out in Dijon have highlighted the crucial gastric microbial digestion of starch, the relation between dietary carbohydrates and intestinal dysbiosis and the consequences in food-borne colics, etc.

To study digestive microbiota, specific methodologies for sampling and analyses have been set up through the last decades. The functional analyses of gastro-intestinal bacteria populations required developing cultural techniques under strict anaerobic conditions.

Performance assessment

The estimation of energy expenditure of exercised horses is essential to provide them the most appropriate diet according to their needs. To improve the assessment of energy requirement according to the various disciplines and exercises performed, some materials and methods have been developed in Dijon to measure the horses’ oxygen uptake during exercise on the field.

These skills in exercise physiology are used by Lab To Field to:

  • carry out fundamental research program on the estimation of energy expenditure of exercised horses,
  • measure physiological parameters that are indicators of fitness,
  • assess the effect of diet or training on performance.

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